Are Human Growth Hormones Good For Your Health?


Searching for supplements that will allow you to improve your overall health can lead you to many different types. Many people will talk about the benefits of taking vitamins, minerals, and amino acids because of how essential they are for proper bodily functions. By not having enough of these nutrients in your diet, it can compromise certain aspects of your body’s ability to function normally.

There is one supplement that you can take, one that is naturally produced in your body, that can produce dramatically positive effects. Known as human growth hormone, or HGH, it is one of the most beneficial hormones in your body. Let’s take a look at why it is so important for maintaining good health, what it does in your body, and how you can increase HGH levels naturally.

Human Growth HormoneA Brief Overview Of Human Growth Hormone

The first thing that you need to realize about HGH, also called GH, is that human growth hormone is naturally produced in every human being. It comes from the pituitary gland, and is able to help improve all bodily functions. When a person is going through puberty or adolescents, the amount that is produced by this gland goes into overdrive.

It is responsible for stimulating the growth of bones, tissues, and your immune system, helping you to maintain good health at all times. The growth of organs, increases in muscle mass, and proper functioning of your kidneys and liver, are all the result of growth hormone that your body creates everyday.

Now that you know why it is beneficial, let’s look at why deficiencies in GH can lead to significant health problems.

Deficiencies In Human Growth Hormone

maintain your healthIf you are deficient in HGH, several problems may occur. If you are younger, and you have not yet reached adolescence, it’s important to get your GH up to nominal levels. Without this hormone, your ability to grow tall, develop properly, and maintain your health, will be compromised dramatically.

That is why many people will get GH injections that are prescribed from their doctor in order to compensate for this type of deficiency.

It can also affect muscle mass, and the development of your bone structure, leading to weaker bones and increased fat on your body. That’s why you need to make sure that human growth hormone are at proper levels, especially at younger ages.

If you are older, and you are deficient with GH, getting injections is one strategy for increasing this hormone in your body. However, by naturally stimulating the pituitary gland, you can do this for yourself using supplements and different exercise routines.

Is Too Much Growth Hormone Bad?

By injecting too much growth hormoneGrowth hormone in something that can also be detrimental if you get too much in your body. There are natural ways to increase HGH, but this typically will not lead you to exceeding what is healthy for your body.

By injecting too much growth hormone, or doing what is called doping, it can lead to significant problems. It can cause pituitary gigantism in some people, or minimally increased bone size in their toes, jaw and fingers.

Along with developing insulin resistance, carpal tunnel syndrome, and problems with your nerves, having too much GH in your system is something that you should certainly avoid.

As mentioned before, by increasing your human growth hormone levels naturally, you cannot reach excessive amounts. Here are the best ways to naturally increase HGH levels in your body using supplements and exercise.

Increasing HGH The Natural Way

Individuals that are very focused on building muscle mass are always looking for ways to increase the size of their muscles using different supplements. HGH is a great one to use, if you can get the injections, or you can naturally increase it by working out. Adequate sleep also helps, as well as taking vitamin D. Amino acids such as lysine, arginine and glutamine can increase GH production by as much as several hundred percent when taken on a regular basis.

Your diet is also a large factor in how much is produced. People that consume large amounts of sugar can see massive decreases, whereas by changing their diet to a high protein diet, the pituitary gland will start producing human growth hormone at higher levels.

Injections Of HGH

HGH InjectionIf you would prefer, you can always talk to your local physician about getting growth hormone injections. If they are not willing to give you a prescription because they do not feel that you are deficient, but you want to have higher levels to increase your ability to build muscle, or simply just feel better, you can also buy HGH outside of the country.

You just have to make sure that you use no more than 8 IUs per injection per day. This will help you increase the levels of growth hormone in your body helping you to improve your health.

There are so many benefits associated with GH hormone, it is sometimes confusing as to why more people do not know more about this supplement, or why they are not getting injections or increasing their HGH levels by using the natural strategies we have mentioned.

If you would like to improve your energy levels, improve your immune system, or have the ability to build significant amounts of muscle mass, you should certainly find a way to increase your growth hormone levels starting today.


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