10 Ways to Increase Human Growth Hormone Naturally


The human growth hormone, or HGH, is one of the body’s most vital hormones. In children, it promotes linear growth. In adults, it decreases fat accumulation, strengthens bones, promotes rapid nail and hair growth, improves circulation and protects the body’s organs.

Unfortunately, as an individual grows older, they naturally produce less HGH. Their bodies, as a result, begin to look and feel older. Individuals can boost their HGH levels using drugs, expensive supplements and injections, but the safest way to increase HGH levels are natural.

Here are Natural Ways to Increase Human Growth Hormone Naturally:

Limit carbs1. Limit Carbohydrate Intake: Your diet affects your HGH levels. One of the best ways to increase human growth hormone naturally is to limit carbohydrate intake. When you restrict carbohydrate intake, more HGH is able to enter their bloodstream.

2. Eat Protein Rich Foods: Eat foods high in protein, such as amino acids like glutamine, arginine, l-glysine, l-lysine and ornithine. These amino acids raise HGH production. Fava beans, goji berries, grass-fed beef, yogurt, eggs, watermelon, nuts, raisins, gelatin, whey protein, and raw milk maximize protein intake and increase human growth hormone naturally.

3. Amino Acid Supplements: Those who cannot get their required nutrients through food should take amino acid supplements. Supplements of amino acids, like orinthine, arginine, and l-glycine can increase HGH levels.

4. Vitamin D and Melatonin: Supplements, like melatonin and vitamin D, can raise an individual’s HGH levels naturally. Just 0.5 to 5 mgs of melatonin can boost HGH levels by 157 percent, while vitamin D is linked to muscle growth and processes that optimize HGH.

Avoid Eating During or Following a Workout5. Avoid Eating During or Following a Workout: Don’t eat during or right after a workout. HGH enters the body at its highest levels near the end of a workout and immediately after a workout. It is during these times that human bodies know they should be repairing and rebuilding, so don’t eat for an hour before and a half hour after exercising.

6. Avoid Eating Before Going to Sleep: Eating late night snacks, especially those with sugary carbohydrates, increases blood glucose levels and inhibits the production of HGH. Individuals who have to munch in the two hours before they go to sleep should eat something with few carbohydrates, like a protein shake.

7. Intense Workouts: Intense workouts increase human growth hormone naturally, because the body elicits a HGH response. For example, when an individual strains their muscles lifting weights, they develop microscopic tears in the muscle tissue. Small tears prompts the body to release HGH to repair damage.

As HGH is repairing the muscles, it is also stimulating the production of new muscle fibers and promoting the release of fat from the adipose tissue. Eventually all of these factors create lean muscle mass. In order to achieve optimal HGH production, individuals should complete workouts that involve lifting weights and limit their cardio to about a half hour.

laughing8. Relaxing and Laughing: Relaxing and laughing can increase human growth hormone naturally. Certain studies have indicated that laughter can promote the production of HGH. In a 1989 survey, men who watched 60 minutes of a funny movie had an 87 percent increase in their HGH levels.

9. Sound Sleep: Individuals should also never underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep. People need somewhere between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.  HGH only starts secreting during the REM stages of an individual’s sleep cycle, which occurs about two hours into sleep.

10. Remain Hydrated: Drinking water is vital to all of the human body’s processes and functions. When you are hydrated, your hormonal system can operate at its peak.

Proper HGH levels ensure that an individual can look and feel young. HGH generates muscle, discourages fat, and encourages a more efficient metabolic system. Rest, diet and physical activity are all essential for individual’s to increase human growth hormone naturally. If an individual can regulate these three factors, they can maintain control over aging.


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