10 Traditional Reasons Modern Athletes Are Pushing For HGH In Sports


Human growth hormone is secreted by pituitary gland in the body. This hormone is responsible for various bodily functions such as regulating body composition, muscle growth, bone growth, fat metabolism, sugar metabolism, heart function, body fluids as well as various others. However, body stops producing HGH in adequate quantities after adolescence and this is why the bone growth stops.

hgh in sportsIt was discovered in the early 20th century by researchers but they could not produce it in lab. The researchers were able to successfully produce synthetic HGH in the lab in the 1980s and since then this hormone has taken the world of athletics and sports by storm.

Over the years, many sports stars and athletes have been known to take HGH. In fact, it is also taken by celebrities as it helps them in looking younger. There has been a lot of debate on the use of HGH in a variety of sports.

It is important to mention here that HGH is completely legal but most of the sports bodies do not permit athletes to take HGH as it offers unfair advantage. Over the years, many research studies have been conducted to scientifically prove that this hormone can actually help in boosting athletic performance. Most of the studies have concluded that it does help and provides an advantage. Here are some of the other reasons modern athletes are pushing for HGH.

It Helps in Boosting Athletic Performance

In a research study conducted by Australian researchers, it was concluded that HGH can help athletes in boosting performance especially in sprint events such as swimming and running where a sudden burst of energy can be the difference between winning and losing. It also helps in building muscles and improving performance.

A lot of layers in a variety of sports including rugby, baseball, football, soccer as well as various other sports have admitted to taking HGH.

In the research study, a group of over 100 male and female athletes between the ages of 18 and 40 were tested. One group was given injections of salt water whereas the other was given HGH. The athletes trained regularly such as lifting weights and riding exercise bikes. The researchers concluded that athletes who had taken growth hormone got around a 4% increase in their sprint capacity.

It Provides Extra Energy When Needed

Extra Energy boost by hgh In sports, higher energy levels mean higher probability of winning. After all, there is no better test endurance than in sports performances.  This is the reason that athletes are always looking for that extra energy boost.

There is no other substance known to the medical community that can be as effective as HGH in providing that extra energy boost when it is most needed.

HGH helps in burning the stored fat cells even when you are resting which means that there is a ready supply of energy that gives extra strength and endurance, for that extra edge.

It Helps in Recovering Faster

HGH has also been known to reduce the recovery time from injuries. This is the reason that many athletes also use this hormone for quicker recovery as it helps them in repairing their cartilage issues as well as bone issues. There have been numerous studies that have concluded that HGH helps in promoting wound healing at a quicker pace.

It speeds up healing of injuries significantly. One of the reasons of the effectiveness of this hormone is that it works at a cellular level which means that affects the healing process for internal injuries as well as external injuries. There are certain injuries where an injured limb needs to be kept immobilized which results in wasting of the muscle tissue.

In such cases, HGH is known to be extremely useful at as it helps in building and strengthening muscle tissue without any exercise and that in turn helps in reducing the wastage of muscle tissue. HGH therapy has also been known to help with recovery and in decreasing the amount of physiotherapy needed after the initial healing.

Research studies have also revealed that HGH can help faster healing of sprains and other injuries. It also provides better staying power, enhances performance and provides greater stamina.

It Helps in Building Muscles

Muscular HypertrophyThis is an anabolic hormone that helps in gaining lean muscle mass in a quick manner. It works by binding it to the target cells with the help of special receptors.

This helps in releasing special chemical messages and growth hormones that help in proliferation of muscle tissues and growth of cells. It helps in increasing the size of muscle cells that is known as muscle hypertrophy.

It also increases the number of muscle cells in the body which adds to the bulk and helps in increasing the muscle size. It leads to effective distribution of amino acids in the body. As you may be aware, amino acids are the basic building blocks of our body and this leads to more efficient protein synthesis which in turn helps build muscle mass easily.

It Helps in Increasing Height

Various studies have concluded that HGH combined with a proper routine of exercise and healthy diet is one of the best ways to increase height as compared to various other methods such as limb lengthening surgery. High amount of HGH level in the body help in creating more muscle mass which in turn helps in increasing the bone growth.

It also strengthens cells that also contribute to remodeling of bones which are then deposited on already existing bones in the body thereby lengthening it. It also results in growth of cartilage around the bone for supporting the developing cells.

It helps in Burning Fat

hgh helps Burns FatAs mentioned above, high amount of human growth hormone in your body can help in burning the stored fat cells which can be used as energy. It means that you can lose fat cells stored inside even when you are not active. It works by enhancing the amount of Insulin like growth factor-1 that is similar to insulin which is secreted by the liver.

This growth factor helps in preventing insulin from transporting the glucose to cells. Normally, the glucose is deposited by the body in fat cells and later used for energy. However, HGH prevents storage of glucose as fat cells which mean that body is forced to use fat cells for energy.

In simple terms, HGH can help a lot in reducing fat and in gaining lean muscle mass. Athletes need to eat a lot of food to support their energy needs and HGH helps athletes in converting most of that food into useful energy instead of being stored as fat cells by the body.

It Helps in Regulating Metabolism

Athletes need fast metabolism for better utilization of the diet. HGH can help a lot in increasing the rate of metabolism that keeps the body fit. It helps in increasing protein metabolism, fat metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism as well as lipid metabolism. It enhances protein metabolism by decreasing the oxidation rate of proteins and by increasing the uptake of amino acids.

It enhances fat metabolism by enhancing stimulation of breakdown of triglyceride in the body. As mentioned above, it regulates the glucose level in the blood and keeps it in normal range. In some research studies, HGH has also been associated with reduction of LDL cholesterol.

It Helps in Increasing Bone Density

improve bone densityMany research studies have established the fact that HGH can be extremely helpful in increasing bone density. As you are aware, bones are made up of calcium and it is responsible for bone strength and thickness.

However, body is unable to absorb calcium in adequate quantity after a particular age. This leads to decreased bone density and various other issues.

HGH can help a lot in increasing the absorption of calcium in bones. It does this by stimulating the production of insulin like growth factor – one. This increases protein synthesis in the body which in turn increases the demand for protein.

Proteins can help in enhancing the ability of bones to absorb calcium in the blood stream. More calcium in the blood means more of it can be absorbed by the bones which results in stronger and thicker bones.

It Helps in Reducing Body Fatigue

An athlete’s body undergoes a lot of work which means that it requires a lot of repairs. HGH helps body in reducing body fatigue by providing an excellent source of energy in the form of stored fat cells and also by helping injuries heal at a faster rate. It also helps in increasing energy levels and helps athletes stay active.

It Helps in Strengthening Connective Tissues

HGH has a positive effect on strengthening of various connective tissues in the body such as cartilage, tendons and ligaments at a fast pace. This results in quick healing of old injuries and strengthening of these tissues also helps in minimizing the potential risk of future injuries.

This is the reason that HGH therapy is preferred by athletes to get them back on the field much quicker. There are also other steroids available in the market that helps in stronger connective tissues but they have a lot of negative side effects. However, there are no such negative side effects associated with HGH.

Overall, HGH offers a number of benefits to athletes and this is the reason that its use has been increasing in the sports community.

Athletes in HGH supplementsall kinds of sports take HGH supplements for a variety of reasons including faster recovery from injuries and for gaining that extra performance edge. While it is true that the use of HGH has been banned for performance enhancement but HGH therapy can be used for medical reasons.

It is also important to keep in mind that there are a number of different types of HGH injections available in the market. One needs to ensure the quality of the HGH injections before allowing one to be injected with these.

It needs to be stored carefully to ensure that it retains its effectiveness and does not turn dangerous. If it is not used in the right manner, it can have some serious consequences and therefore, one should use it only after thoroughly checking the quality of the product.

As far as the side effects of HGH are concerned, it has minimal side effects. In fact, HGH is being used for medical treatments by doctors for more than a few decades which means that it is considered safe for use by the medical community. However, it should be used in moderation as excessive usage can have some serious health consequences.


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